The Importance of Taking Time to Discover and Eat Good Food

Yagmur Sahin
3 min readJun 25, 2023

A traditional Sunday ritual. 🌈

Stepping out to embrace the fresh air in the morning around 9 am, strolling around the Farmers’ Markets before they open, watching the farmers meticulously arrange food on their stands, prepping for a busy day.

🍎🥕 Every Sunday for the past 3 months, I’ve been going to a Farmers’ Market near my house. Farmers from all over the UK come with shining smiles to sell their exquisite products.

This week’s treasures from one of the London’s Farmers’ Markets

This is the day when farmers can sell their hard-earned produce, which they have lovingly nurtured with enormous effort.

The fruits of their labour, grown with their own hands, make the journey from the farm to the market — which is a process I find truly beautiful.

The food you see in the picture is today’s haul, all organic 🍅🥦, free from preservatives, and ready to energise me for the day and week ahead. 😋

Do you believe that the food you eat influences your daily mood?

☀️ Fruits and vegetables, nurtured by the soil and sun, directly impact how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and, ultimately, our environment.

Healthy food promotes a healthy body and a clearer mind. 💚

To be honest, this topic is an interesting one for me because in Turkey, where I grew up, fresh fruits and vegetables were always readily accessible.

I was fortunate enough to live in a house with a garden 🏡 where I could handpick cherries, plums, apples, nuts, and apricots straight from the trees. 🍒 🍑 🍎 🌰

However, since moving abroad, I have had a difficult time adapting to the fruits sold in local supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury’s. I usually find them to be bland. 😂

This led me to explore other ways to nourish myself with the world’s richness, with foods that would rejuvenate my soul.

That’s when I discovered the Farmers’ Markets. 🍀

Interestingly, they are not even more expensive than stores; you can often find them at similar prices or cheaper, and with far superior quality.

👉🏼 If you have access to a Farmer’s Market, I encourage you to explore it. You won’t just enjoy fantastic food; you’ll also be supporting local businesses and farmers.

Isn’t that cheesecake on the right bottom looks absolutely delicious?

Lastly, I believe that sharing food and eating together is one of the greatest ways to form a bond with another human.

When you appreciate the food and its source, a beautiful bond forms between you, the soil, the farmer, and the food. 🌱👨‍🌾🥦

And this is the magical mixture that can heal a soul. ✨

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